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Our Process

Building a Home with Us

The Step-by-Step Process

Schwingle Builders will do our best to take the stress out of home building. We truly believe this can be an easy and fun experience for you, and will walk with you through these steps in building your dream home:

• We will meet with you initially to discuss your ideas and dreams for your new home. We will also talk about the time frame of completing your home and the costs involved.

• After we have decided on a site and home design, we will determine the building schedule.

• We will help you in choosing the many options for your home and will connect you with experts in the various fields (heating, plumbing, flooring, cabinetry, etc.).

• During the building process we encourage you to visit the site often and talk with us about anything you don’t understand or questions you may have.

• When your home is finished we will have an orientation, familiarizing you with the operation of your new home and giving you maintenance tips, answering your questions, working through a check list, etc.

We don't overload you with all of the choices at one time. We space them out to create a more relaxed pace.

Builder's Warranty

Schwingle Builders provides a one-year builder's warranty. Most manufacturers will have their own warranties for their specific products, which is usually longer than a year.

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